Глава 8
Я потеряла сознание первый раз в своей жизни.
Отправить письмо
У него было много отговорок
Хлопанье дверьми
Такой отзывчивый, я подумала горько.
Он убелил меня
Я был виноват.
понять обстановку
Несколькими днями спустя мне полегчало.
Знакомое лицо
Моё сердце наполнилось страхом
Он поспешил поднести мне стакан воды
Тифозная лихорадка
Слабое здоровье
Ради перемены обстановки
Жаль, что я уехала
Он был моим работодателем, и мне приходилось повиноваться его приказам

Её жестоко обманули
Её лицо стало белым, как мел
Не попрощавшись со мной
Остаться переночевать
Заброшенная часть дома
Вы должно быть пребывали в глубоком сне
Опоить снотворным(наркотиками)
Для пользы свой жены
Я не смела выразить своё мнение
Она должно быть страдала
Она раскрыла обман
Я раскрыла ему ужасные подозрения
Ей стало хуже и она потеряла сознание
Они сами устроили похороны.

2. Translate in writing

I stopped by the bedside from that time rill the time when Mr Goodricke sent the person in, as he had promised. She was, by name, Jane Gould. I considered her to be a respectable-looking woman. She made no remark, except to say that she understood what was wanted of her, and that she had winded a many of them in her time.
How master bore the news, when he first heard it, is more than I can tell,
not having been present. When I did see him he looked awfully overcome by it, to be sure. He sat quiet in a corner, with his fat hands hanging over his thick knees, and his head down, and his eyes looking at nothing. He seemed not so much sorry, as scared and dazed like, by what had happened. My mistress managed all that was to be done about the funeral. It must have cost a sight of money - the coffin, in particular, being most beautiful. The dead lady's husband was away, as we heard, in foreign parts. But my mistress (being her aunt) settled it with her friends in the country (Cumberland, I dunk) diat she should be buried there, in the same grave along with her mother. Everything was done handsomely, in respect of me funeral, I say again, and master went down to attend the burying in the country himself. He looked grand in his deep mourning, with his big solemn face, and his slow walk, and his broad hatband - that he did! In conclusion, I have to say, in answer to questions put to me -
(1) That neither I nor my fellow-servant ever saw my master give Lady Glyde any medicine himself.
(2) That he was never, to my knowledge and belief, left alone in the room with Lady Glyde.
(3) That I am not able to say what caused die sudden fright, which my mistress informed me had seized the lady on her first coming into the house. The cause was never explained, either to me or to my fellow-servant.
The above statement has been read over in my presence. I have nothing to add to it, or to take away from it. I say, on my oath as a Christian woman, this is the truth.