Билет 14

Фрагмент интервью с вице-президентом компании Eurocopter по стратегическому развитию Андреасом Левенштайном.


К.: Есть ли перспективы организации лицензионной сборки легких вертолетов на базе российского производителя?

А.: This is not a technical question but a question of our partners’ mutual interest. We are ready to establish a partnership but this needs a big investment. That is why we have to be sure that a sufficient number of helicopters will be sold to compensate for our expenditure. If you are sure you can sell 300-400 helicopters then it is reasonable to build a plant that costs 50 million dollars. Otherwise you are risking your money.

К.: Продолжит ли Eurocopter участие в проекте Ми-38?

А.: We cancelled this project some time ago for two reasons. One of them was due to a change in Russian legislation and that meant our managers could not work efficiently anymore. The second reason is that we were no longer sure of the integrity of our intellectual property. Now we don’t have a firm position on whether to carry on with this project. It is possible that we will carry on through a combined promotion of the helicopter on the international market. According to our estimations the Mil Mi-38 should have entered the market as early as 1998. Now we see that, after a 10-year delay, there is still a lot of work to do and the market situation has already changed. The British and the Americans snapped up this previously open niche. We lost both this part of the market and our enthusiasm. However, we are now negotiating a joint project of designing the heavy HTH helicopter. To tell the truth we are only at the first stage, so it is too early to talk about terms or prospects. Nevertheless we are always ready for cooperation.

К.: Eurocopter планировал открыть в России три сервисных центра в прошлом году и еще три – в этом. Открыт пока только один. Пересмотрели планы?

А.: No, we faced some problems with staff. We cannot hire a mechanic that services Mil Mi-8s and immediately entrust him with a foreign helicopter. Even if there are specialists certified according to the international regulations we have to spend at least a year training them to the level that we require. The delay with the service-centers is not because of a change in strategy.


strategic development

Стратегическое развитие

License assembly

Лицензионная сборка

On the basis of smth

на базе чего-либо

Sufficient numbers

Достаточное количество


Издержки, затраты


Прямота, честность, целостность, неприкосновенность

carry on

Вести, продолжать


Промоушн, раскрутка, продвижение, выдвижение, развитие

snap up

Расхватывать, раскупать; прерывать