Tasks (The Chamber)

-Imagine you are Sam, standing along in the exercise yard at Parchman and watching the sun rise. Talk about the thoughts that are going through your head.

-   Discuss how these people feel about Sam at the end of the story. Give reasons for your opinions.
a   Adam       b Lee            с  Nugent      d McAllister

-   You are the photographer who photographed the lynching of the young black man. Explain how you became involved.

- You are one of the newspaper reporters who witnessed Sam's execution. Tell us about a report of the event.

-  You are Adam. It is a year after Sam's execution. Call Lee and tell her what you are doing now.

-  "One of Grisham's gifts is that he is able to make the reader sympathetic even to characters who are, in many ways, extremely unpleasant." How true is this of The Chamber?

-   Is it right that Sam is executed for his crime? Give reasons for your opinion.

-  Write Sam's letter of apology to Ruth Kramer, to be read after his death.